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Become a Minor Sponsor of Zappia Racing! We accept Sponsors who are local to Western Australia, national or international. Minor Sponsors are usually small to medium businesses with a small advertising budget. We help you get your name and logo out in the community and nationally.


By purchasing this package you are agreeing to and buying:


  • 2 x Social Media Posts per season (e.g. extensive story about your business which includes one graphic and links).
  • Business profile, logo and links on our website  under the Sponsors page of the driver that you will be advertising with.
  • We hand out your free merchandise on our race days from our merchandise tent (e.g. you give us 100 of your branded stickers, baseball caps or pens to give to the public.
  • You get a small logo sticker placed on the rear of your chosen race car.
  • You get a medium sized logo sticker on the race car transporter/truck.
  • Your business name and links are displayed in all our press releases.
  • Sponsorship Certificate to display in your office, website or on social media.


Your sponsorship package will be from the beginning of the season October 2024 and end June 2025.


What happens next? Purchase your package and you will immediately be able to download your Minor Sponsorship contract. Once we have contacted you and are aware of your business name, we will update your certificate reflecting your details. At this time you can discuss which driver you wish to sponsor.


If you need a bigger package with more options then take a look at our Major Sponsor Package.


*Zappia Racing has the right to cancel your sponsorship package immediately if your behaviour, business practices or associates bring damage to the team brand.

Minor Sponsorship Package

SKU: SKUMinorSponsorPackage
  • We will contact you within the next 48 hours of your purchase and will discuss with you which driver you want to sponsor. It is at this time you can ask any questions and come and visit us at our racing headquarters. We will email your certificate to you once you have given us the details that you would like placed on the certificate name area.

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