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John Zappia's Racing Christmas Spirit Boosted by Summer Slam Win

John Zappia’s Christmas will be more enjoyable with another trophy added to the collection and lots of new fans after an appearance at the Dananni Hotshots Christmas party.

The Dananni Hotshots/Fuch Lubricants Monaro has been in high demand recently, with Zappia and his team invited to the opening of Dananni’s new premises in High Wycombe.

Zappia fired up the supercharged Noonan engine several times to the delight of Dananni’s staff and guests, giving them just a taste of the 3500 horsepower on tap.

“Dananni Hotshots are now one of our longest and most committed partners to Zappia Racing so it was great to be able to show a lot of people what Top Doorslammer racing is all about,” Zappia said.

“There were people who had never seen a car like this before, while others were long-time fans, and it was a pleasure to join them all for a great evening.”

With the festivities completed, the focus of the team turned to the Summer Slam last Saturday night, where the third round of the WA Top Doorslammer Championship took place.

With mixed results so far this season, Zappia turned the situation around with a strong performance that saw him top qualify and power through to the winner’s circle. “We decided to skip the first session of qualifying in the afternoon and focus our energy on the compulsory qualifying session,” he said.

“It was the right decision as we were able to hit a 5.781 right off the bat. The speed was a little down, but that was because I got the parachute out slightly early".

"The weather conditions were the best we’ve seen so far this season, meaning it would be important to stay on top of power levels in the Noonan engine. More power can be good, but only if it can be harnessed on the track".

“We had a solo run for the elimination round, and after a 1.04 60 foot time in qualifying we needed to launch harder. We got that with 0.969 60 foot time but then it rattled the tyres further out. I pedalled for a 5.85 spot which earned a spot in the A Final".

”The density altitude and water grains continued to improve, with just 700 feet of air as the final against Frank Taylor’s Chevelle approached".

“We were watching the weather closely and we decided to tame the motor because the air was getting better, it can actually get too good. We were keeping the engine in the safe zone but it still took off in the final! It went 0.958 to the 60 foot marker and it kept on pulling. A 5.666 at 407.58kmh was a tremendous pass, and combined with a 0.007 reaction time we really had some numbers".

"Congratulations to Frank on making it to the final and we hope to see his car back in the fives really soon".

”Zappia Racing will now complete a full maintenance routine on the Dananni Hotshots/Fuchs Lubricants Monaro before sending it east for the next round of the Australian Top Doorslammer Championship at Tailem Bend".

“We have a full rebuild coming for the motor with some fresh CP-Carrillo rods and a few more goodies going in,” Zappia said.

“We’ve gone back to an MSD Pro Mag so we can make sure we have good supplies of spares. It’s going back to what we know in some ways, but it’s mainly about making sure we have reliability and the depth of spare parts rather than being at the bleeding edge.”

"May all our sponsors, supporters and fans have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year".

"Looking forward to seeing many sponsors and fans at Tailem Bend Dragway in the New Year (13-14th January) with a big field of Top Doorslammers, Top Bike and Top Fuel".


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