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Each Zappia Racing driver races in his own right and has his

own branding and individual Sponsorship.


Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to fill in an Expression of Interest Sponsorship Form and we will send you a Sponsorship package to review.


Considering Advertising With Zappia Racing?

In exchange for advertising with the Zappia Racing drivers, the company gets their name and logo on our race cars, race car transporters, within our pit area, on our merchandise, several mentions during television, print, digital or radio broadcasts and via our social media posts and newsletters.


Depending on the level of sponsorship you require, determines the amount of exposure you receive. Some of our sponsors provide financial support, whilst others supply products, parts or services.


You may wish to promote your business via a professional and highly exposed driver like John Zappia or up and coming driver like Brodie Zappia who, like John, is already an Australian champion.

Feel free to fill in the form below to discuss further:


Major & Minor Sponsor Expression of Interest Form

Please fill in this form in order to receive our Sponsorship presentation.

This presentation is for both drivers within the Zappia Racing Team and apply to the 2023/24 upcoming season.

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact with you soon!

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