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 There are three paid Sponsorship Packages below that cater to small, medium and large businesses. There are also three In-Kind Sponsorship Packages available to choose from.

We have an average social media post reach of approximately 300,000 people per month. If you need facts and figures before purchasing, we can email our traffic statistics to you. We can offer your business great exposure via our online, social media and direct community engagement channels.

Whether you are new to racing Sponsorship advertising or an old hand at supporting race teams, we are looking forward to a relationship with you. Our industry is evenly balanced with women and men, so your business, no matter the background, will be very welcomed in our community.

Buy Sponsorship Packages Online

In-Kind Package

Can't sponsor the cash but would like to give the race team the equivalent in parts or services?

You can arrange a Sponsorship In-Kind Package to the value of:





Fill in the form to have a discussion with John Zappia of the current parts or service needs of the race team.

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact with you soon!

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