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See Crew and Permanent Opportunities Below

With a rich historical background in drag racing, we have been pushing the limits and achieving remarkable success for over three decades. Zappia Racing comprises the talented Doorslammer driver John Zappia and Supercharged Outlaws driver Brodie Zappia.


The racing team is supported by a large experienced race crew and our team is committed to delivering thrilling performances on the track. We pride ourselves on excellence, teamwork, and innovation. Join us on this adrenaline-fueled journey and experience the excitement of drag racing at its finest.

Automotive Mechanic - Bibra Lake, Perth

Zappia Racing is seeking a permanent Automotive Mechanic, commencing September 2024, based at our Bibra Lake workshop and warehouse. The position is permanent 4 days per week. Included in the role is the ability to travel with the race team to varying race tracks in Australia and the ability to attend 1 of two 2 nights per week during racing race season. Please fill in the form below if you are interested in this position:

Essential Criteria:

  • Qualified light or heavy vehicle mechanic

  • Experience in auto repair and maintenance

  • Ability to build and assemble machines or mechanical components according to requirements

  • Knowledgeable in diagnostic and repair services for all makes and models of vehicles

  • Able to troubleshoot and contribute to the repair of a variety of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Proficient in old and modern repair instruments and techniques

  • Experience utilising workshop based equipment

  • Current automatic and manual drivers license 

  • Strong ability to work well within a team under racing schedule pressure

  • Ability to work autonomously 

  • Physical ability to assist in setting up trackside equipment and race cars

  • Police Clearance Certificate (current in the last 6 months)

  • Ability to travel and crew in up to 12 local and interstate racing weekends

  • Ability to contribute to 1 of 2 weekly local crew nights during race season

Desirable Criteria:

  • Performance engine experience

  • Racing crew experience

  • Truck driver license (HC)

  • Forklift License

  • Welding experience

*It is a requirement that crew members and staff are drug and alcohol free when conducting work within and on behalf of the racing team.


Bibra Lake, Perth

Please complete the form to apply for a position with us.

It is a requirement that staff members are drug and alcohol free when conducting work within and on behalf of the Zappia Racing.

Upload Resume

Thanks for submitting. We will be in contact with you soon!

Register for Satellite Crew Positions all Locations

Please read the information below before considering registering as race crew:

The opportunity to be on a drag racing team is exciting and you are invited to register to help locally and interstate. Satellite Crew positions are volunteer and on occasion we can provide accommodation. Food and drinks are provided at the track covering lunches, dinners and snacks. 

Crew work is physically demanding, non-stop and the conditions can be pretty tough, especially working outside under the elements in tents and standing out on the track. The environment’s nature requires quickness, dexterity and power. Crew members are required to be in excellent physical condition to endure long, strenuous work hours amid race weekends in all weather conditions. You are required to have the ability to lift from a bending position 40kgs-50kgs without limitation. You are also required to lift weight above your head without limitation. Moreover, you should be capable of swiftly and accurately lifting and manoeuvring hefty objects.

We also require you to be aware of your own health and safety and for those within your race team and the public.

Our preference is for those with a mechanic, trade, engineering or racing driver experience and for those who have automotive racing crew experience.

You will need an up to date Police Clearance Certificate when working as a crew member.


If you would like to register to help out on our crew when we arrive to race in your state, please fill in the form below:

*It is a requirement that crew members and staff are drug and alcohol free when conducting work within and on behalf of the racing team.

Satellite Racing Crew all Locations

Please complete the form to register your interest with us.

It is a requirement that crew members are drug and alcohol free when conducting work within and on behalf of the racing team.

Thanks for submitting. We will contact you in the future!

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